Pre-Nationals Dyno Day!

Annual Subaru Nationals are right around the corner on September 30th!!

Chitown Subies is happy to announce a Pre-Nationals Dyno Day @ P&L Motorsports on September 16th, 2017 to get us all ready for the event!

The dyno will run through-out the event from 10am-6pm. There will be 2 pulls per car with a print-out for horsepower and torque for bragging rights! 🙂 The charge will be $50 per car. All makes and models are permitted!!

From 10am hourly until 3pm we will be hosting “DEPOSIT ONLY SPOTS.” P&L will be holding the deposits and time slot schedule so you can call in and reserve your spot 10am, 11am, etc. Please speak to Kathy and she will take your information and hold your spot for the hour you request.

Starting 4pm *time-permitting* we will be accepting walk-ins. If all deposit spots are taken and you still want to make pulls you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for the walk-in spots ON SEPTEMBER 16TH @ the dyno day!!

This is will a run what you brung case so please make sure your car is 100% safe to be ran WOT. P&L will not be conducting PDIs and is not responsible for any damage that occurs while on the dyno. You will be required you will be required to sign a dyno waiverbefore your car is dynoed.
Please make sure your vehicle is free from any leaks and car is at a reasonable height to get on the dyno. If leaks occur on the dyno, you will be charged for cleanup. Clean up will delay everyone scheduled behind you!

Spectators will be allowed so please come join us and see some cars on the dyno!

We will be grilling up some good food, have fun games and prizes, and hope to see you there!

** More details coming soon as well as prizes for highest dyno number and etc.


Final Dyno Day HP Ratings

Loi 05′ STi: 435HP
Jon 15′ WRX: 253HP
Tom 04′ STi: 291HP
Josh 15′ SS: 357 HP
Dan 12′ BRZ 486HP
Nick 02′ WRX 287HP
Chris 09′ Jeep 398HP
Pawel 12′ STi 300HP
Nel 02′ Camaro 333HP

Neo 05′ EVO 353HP
Javi 98′ Civic 239HP
Vishoz M3 427HP
Sam 12′ WRX 232HP
Ryan 04′ IS300 341HP
Juan 350Z 337HP
Alex 13′ GT86 268HP
Leeum 10′ EVO 321HP
Paul 07′ STi 848HP

John 16′ Mustang 384HP
Mario 94′ Miata 116HP
Dave 09 G37 289HP
350Z 283HP
Joe Z06 498HP
G37 382HP
V Dub Mini Truck 89HP

Highest HP: Dan BRZ 486HP
Lowest HP: V Dub Mini Truck 89HP