P&L Motorsports has some of the most technically advanced tools on the market at our, and your disposal. From race cars to daily driven commuter vehicles, we handle every car with care and meticulous detail. Because of this, we can continually produce quality results.


  • Machine Used: Snap-On Visualizer 3-D
  • 4 Wheel Alignments (Toe/Caster/Camber/Track Width/SAI/Thrust Angle/Ride Height/Setback)
  • Ability to check fully compressed and uncompressed suspension angles (using a custom fixture)
  • Custom made ramps to handle vehicles as low as 1” from the ground

With all of our alignments you will be given a Vehicle Alignment Report print-out showing the details of your alignment. This print-out will show you where your vehicle started, the adjustments made, and the final result. It will also show your alignment compared to OEM specifications.

Corner Balancing:

  • Machine Used: Intercomp Digital Racing Scales
  • Actual Vehicle Weight (with or without driver)
  • Corner balancing (Front/Rear/Cross/Side)
  • Custom Ride Heights
  • Weight Removal and Additions